Sporting Bears Motor Club

Everything you need to know about the Sporting Bears

Established in 1989 Sporting Bears or the Bears as we are known, are a fun and inclusive club of car enthusiasts. In the Bears everyone and all car types are welcome. Even if you don’t have an interesting car, you can join us, volunteer at our events, and join in the fun.

First and foremost, we are a traditional motor clubs that loves to do all the things car clubs normally do such as car meets, driving tours, track days, and static displays at all the best motoring events in the UK. However, our primary goal and what makes us so unique, is to raise money for UK children’s charities and to put smiles on faces.

Our volunteers give up their time, and expenses free of charge to ensure that 100% of all donations goes to our supported charities and the club is run on our membership fee and through the support of our sponsors.

Much of our fundraising is achieved through our now famous Dream Rides®. This is a ten mile/20-minute passenger ride in exchange for a minimum donation. We do this at over 50 events a year and includes large shows like CarFest, Silverstone Festival, The British Motor Show and both NEC Classic Car Shows. We now raise up to £300,000 each year and we have raised over £3,000,000 to date.

Close to our hearts is our visits to our charities and our closed Dream Rides® events where we invite our charities and the families they support, to give them a day of respite and these passenger rides are provided free of charge.
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