Main Ring Events

The hub of the event is a large arena featuring the following attractions:

Sealed Knot battle re-enactment
Beagles display team

Classic Car Parades

Approximate timings for the day, actual timings may vary so please listen to the announcements on the day:

1100-1140 Lord Robarts Sealed Knot
1150-1220 Oakley Hunt
1230-1300 Beagles
1310-1340 Heavy Horses
1350-1420 Classic Car of the Show
1430-1500 Beagles
1510-1540 Heavy Horses
1550-1620  Horse Whisperer
1630-1700 Lord Robarts Sealed Knot


Here are a few pictures from previous events:

direction-admission-banner ring-events-img7 last-year-img1 ring-events-img2 entrance-banner