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TVR and the TVRCC – a brief historyphoto 3 (1)

TVR was originally founded (as Trevcar Motors) by Trevor Wilkinson in 1947. Over the next 12 years, TVR produced a series of unique specials using a mixture of chassis, engines and body designs. In 1959 however, the company launched its first production car, the Grantura Mk1. This car, with its tubular chassis and lightweight body design set the blueprint for all the cars to come and the same core “TVR DNA” could still be found in the cars being produced all the way up to 2006, when the company closed its gates for the last time.DSC_6307

From 1959 onwards, the company produced a number of milestone models such as the Griffith, the M Series Turbo (the world’s first turbocharged production car), the Cerbera and lastly, one of the most distinctive TVRs ever – the TVR Sagaris. Sadly, with the dawn of the noughties however, sales began to slow down and in December 2006 the company was eventually placed into administration.

There is light at the end of the tunnel however! For in 2013, TVR was bought by Les Edgar and after a 4-year process, teamed up with Gordon Murray and Ford Cosworth to develop a new TVR that will continue the tradition of powerful, lightweight sportscars at an affordable price. The first new TVR model – called the Griffith – will be launched later this year and production will begin at the company’s new Ebbw Vale factory in Wales soon after.DSC_6205

The TVR Car Club has been supporting TVR since 1965. One of the most prestigious single-marque clubs anywhere in the world, the TVRCC boasts over 5,500 members worldwide. Between them, TVRCC members probably own over 80% of all the TVRs still in existence today – a statistic that is hard to beat! The club produces a multi award-winning magazine called TVR Sprint and have an award-winning website at The club also runs their own Sprint Championship and provide vital support to the TVR European Challenge race series, so remain close to their racing roots.

The club was voted “Club of the Year” in 2015 and recently celebrated their 50th anniversary at the Millbrook proving ground – the only car club to date ever to be allowed to.

With the new TVR production car expected to be produced just months away, now is a great time to be a member of the photo 3TVRCC! Join us at and see!