The Volvo Owners Club

Established in 1962, the club was then principally aimed at catering for those new-fangled Volvo cars being imported into the UK (first imports began in 1958). Today, as then, the club caters for all Volvo models, starting with the earliest cars built in 1927 (the earliest car in the club is a 1931 PV651) right through to the latest production cars. The club boasts over 3000 members, delivering to them six full colour magazines each year. As well as the magazine, the club has National, Northern and Southern annual rallies where concourse competitions are open to all members’ cars, judged in model catagories. These events are usually full weekend affairs with free camping for club members. There are also many regional and model specific events organised throughout each year and the club is represented at important events such as the Classic Motor Show at the NEC.


The Volvo Owners Club also has an extensive website (over 5000 pages) including active forums discussing technical issues on model specific subjects and Sales & Wants areas for parts and cars. Most useful if you’ve forgotten the spark plug gap on your 1972 144GL!

For current members, we have pages that contain lots of useful information, including Volvo workshop manuals, service bulletins, owner’s manuals, technical and general specifications, growing with regular updates, there is something for everyone. The “Volvo History” section contains a wealth of information about the Volvo cars of the past, including numbers built and specifications and our “Volvo Press” section contains selected reports from the Volvo Press Office and includes information about current production cars. Members can also benefit from a new-car discount scheme run by Volvo Car UK that allows a substantial discount on the purchase of a new Volvo car. (The club is not associated with Volvo Cars in any way but enjoys a good relationship with them).

Each model has its own official, a Register Keeper, who deals with all enquiries for that particular model. With a club catering for so many different cars, this means members can always reach someone who is familiar with their particular car and can pass on advice, spares sources, insurance valuations or even make introductions to other member’s with similar cars.

The Kimbolton Country Fayre occupies a significant place in the club’s diary, especially for Volvo 1800 owners’ and usually represents the largest annual gathering of these models in the country! Please come and see us for a chat about anything Volvo related!