Dream Rides

Dream Rides will feature again at Kimbolton this year

For many years going to a classic car show gave the public the chance to see their “Dream Car” in all its glory as part of a static display. In May 1994 at the NEC Show a new facet of “Showing” the cars was introduced to owners and public alike. For the first time the Sporting Bears Dream Rides feature allowed the cars to be seen being driven and for a fortunate few there was the opportunity of a passenger ride. Since that date Sporting Bears have continued to develop and use Dream Rides at many locations as a part of their charity fund raising.

“Dream Rides” is a simple concept where people making an agreed minimum donation to a named charity are offered a free passenger ride in the car of their dreams. The rides have historically been of up to 10 miles duration on public roads. The drivers cover all their own expenses and thus are not seen to be driving for hire or reward. Given the above, the integrity of the drive’rs own insurance is maintained and thus normal passenger cover remains intact.

The club has provided “Dream Rides” at shows nation-wide. Locations have included, Brooklands, Gaydon super car Sunday, Thirlestane Castle, Lauder, Guernsey, Mount Stuart on Bute, Cholmondeley pageant of power and of course Kimbolton Country Classic. These rides have added around £35,000 each year to the overall total raised by Sporting Bears, which now stands at over £1m. In addition around 10,000 enthusiasts have had the opportunity to ride in their dream car.

If you are a Sporting Bears’ member and would like to offer rides please get in touch.